Saturday, February 4, 2012

Even a Cat Enjoys Stampin! Up!

If I told you that a cat can enjoy Stampin' Up!, would you believe me?  Well....OK...maybe not actually stamping, but our cat, Botticelli, loooooves to be in my craft room either on my lap or in my window while I'm stamping.  As soon as I open my craft room door in the mornings (I have to close it at night because he wants to play with my papers!), he is right there ready to go in and start enjoying the day of stamping.

Well, he actually does what cats do....sleep!  I took this picture yesterday of him in my window on top of a box of Stampin' Up! stamp sets and next to my display of cards.  Needless to say, he moves things about, knocks things over, etc., just to get to the window.  I love how he hangs his leg over the side of the box when he sleeps.

Botticelli is my partner in stamping and I love him!  When you see black cats in my artwork, know that it's Botticelli!



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