Monday, February 13, 2012

Tool Tip - Stampin' Write Marker

How often do you uncap a Stampin' Write Marker to learn that you have opened the wrong end?  I did this often until I learned this tip.  After reading about this tip, you'll most likely think, "It was right there on the marker; why didn't I notice that?".

There are markings on two sides of a Stampin' Write Marker that indicate which end is the writer and which is the brush, as is demonstrated on the two pictures below.

The above picture shows that the small circle around the marker is the fine tip for writing.  The larger circle around the marker is the brush tip for wider applications.

The above picture indicates the end that is the writer and the end that is the brush.  How simple is that?  If we would only pay attention (lol).

I hope I've added to your knowledge base regarding Stampin' Up! tools!

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