Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother's Day Poem


A pillar of strength, the pure meaning of Love
A Divine gift from our Lord up above
As gentle as rain on the petals of a rose
She"ll kiss away fears and hug away woes
A doctor when tending a cold or a scrap
A chef when making cookies or frosting on a cake
A tailor, a chauffeur, a fairy godmother at times
But never to busy for a child's nursery rhymes
A source of wisdom that comes from inside
A manager, a bookkeeper, and a private tour guide
The one that knows just what to say
When a child is having a difficult day
The maker of dreams and the setter of goals
As a pile of laundry she sits and folds
When strange noises go bump in the night
It's her loving hand that turns on the light
All things to family she feels she must be
Although her family may not see
In our Lord's kingdom the one that will fare
Is the one we call Mother.  No others compare!
Barbara K. Gox

Make Mother's Day a blessed Day for your Mom!!

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